Thrissur, Kerala’s 4th largest city has been important for centuries beginning with habitation in the stoneage. Set in central Kerala, the area is only 2.83 m above sea level, the Kole wetlands drain water to the river and then to The Arabian Sea, keeping the city free from floodwaters.

As a major financial centre it is home to the head office of three major banks, in education Thrissur has some great academic institutions including the important Hindu educational centre, Vadakunnathan Temple.

This is the city of the Thrissur Pooram festival, probably the most colourful and spectacular of Kerala’s hundreds of festival events.

There is plenty to visit in Thrissur:

Shakthan Thampuran Palace, reconstructed in Kerala-Dutch style 1795 is now managed by the Archeological Society. Archeological and Art Museum, collections of ancient wood carvings, bronze sculptures and jewellery.

Thrissur Zoo, favourite with children for it,s animals and snake house.

Vilangan Kunnu, A hilltop amusement park, great for kids who love the play area, and for adults who appreciate the views, particularly at sunset. There is a nominal entry charge and parking charge.

Guruvayur Temple, dedicated to the Lord Krishna. Anakotta- Guruvayoor Elephant Sanctuary, where at any time there are 50 or more elephants of all ages and sizes. The elephants are all gifts to the Lord, and they are trained to serve the Lord Krishna. The ritual of feeding the elephants observed here is an offering to Lord Ganesha.

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