Eco Tourism in Kerala

In 2006, Kerala won the Grand Award for the Environment and Gold Award for Eco Tourism, since then , the Ministry of Tourism in conjunction with professional managers of sensitive areas, have continued to move forward in preservation and conservation. Traffic has been reduced in national parks and wildlife sanctuaries by using mini buses driven by staff who understand the habitat and the animals that live there. Elephant poaching has been significantly cut by the rangers who patrol at night which is the danger time. Aware of these patrols, few poachers take the risk, and those that are caught face severe punishment.

All wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in Kerala are now run to ecological and conservation standards as per government guidelines. The list below is described in detail in our wildlife section of Kerala Attractions.

Aralam, Chimmini, Chinnar, Eruvikulam, Gavi, Idduki, Neyyar, Parambikulam, Peppara, Periyar, Wayanad

Cycling is the most eco friendly way to travel, so why not take a cycling tour, hiring the equipment and following a planned route with accommodation booked along the way. Many of Kerala’s friendly homestays run ecologically and some are organically self sufficient.

Spend all or part of your holiday at an organic homestay where the majority of food you eat comes from the animal and plant life of the farm. See the cows, buffalo, goats, chicken and ducks kept in comfortable conditions, the prolific vegetable gardens, learn about spices in the plantation, then take lessons in Kerala recipes from the chef.

Swim in the freshwater pool, go rafting on the river or trekking in the forest. Yes, these places are available, with excellent accommodation, friendly staff and perfect hosts.

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