Nelliyampathy is a charming hill station situated 52 kilometers from Palakkad. The beautiful tourist spot is blessed with tea and coffee gardens, cardamom and orange plantations, green forests with wild animals such as elephant, hillsquirrels and Indian bison.

All the coffee and tea plantations were started by British and later on sold to Indian companies. The famous tea plantation Manalaroo Estate is the highest yielding tea estate in India. One can buy fresh tea from their garden outlet in their factory.

Apart from the Nelliyampathy hills, many other beautiful spots make Nelliyampathy rich in beauty. The other tourist spots are Kesavanpara which offers a panoramic view of the land below, Seetharkundu can be viewed from the top of the mountain. It is believed that Rama, Lakshmana and Sita of the epic Ramayana had lived in the place and Sita used to offer worship with the water from a small stream. Chulliyar Dam and Meenkara Dam can be seen at a distance from the mountain.

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