Kodanad is a village on the banks of Periyar river. Originally, this place was used by the King of Travancore to train wild elephants from the forests to interact in a friendly and co operative way with humans. Now Kodanad is a government controlled elephant sanctuary and training centre where you see male and females and adorable calves. The elephant is the most auspicious animal to the people of Kerala and no festival would be complete if these majestic beats were not present with their rich caparisons. At this village you can see them fed, bathed and trained, their intelligence and patience have to be admired.

There is a zoo at Kodanad with birds and small animals, and you find out about your Zodiac Star Tree, there is a special tree for each sign of the zodiac, it is said that if you plant your Star tree, the planets will be kind to you. Here you can find out all about these lucky trees.

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